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Pylon Signage

Pylon signs can be erected on free standing poles, blades, or independent structures. They are typically mounted high in the air, are illuminated, and offer excellent visibility from street approaches.Pylon signage is ideally suited to business, technology, and industrial parks. It is also commonly used by businesses set back from main roads that want to maximise their brand exposure and direct traffic to their location.It is vital that pylon signage is strategically designed and positioned for its specific environment and to ensure maximum exposure and display of wayfinding information to oncoming vehicular traffic.

Peter Sachr has over 45 years experience in the manufacture and implementation of pylon signage and can help you to achieve the best pylon signage solution to suit your location. Your pylon signage will be compliant with the two most important regulations in the business: the Building Code of Australia and the Electrical Wiring Code AS/NZS 3000:2007. If you need assistance with design, DA submissions, engineering approvals, or certifications, Sachr Sign Co. can assist.

Moulded Freestanding Sign
Freestanding Entry Sign
ACM blade sign
ACM blade sign
Feature Blade Sign
Granite and stone sign
Granite Feature Sign
ACM blade wayfinding sign
Feature Pylon Sign